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              長春理工大學光電信息學院董事長   王思迪     
              Address from the president:
                In the elegant and graceful northern spring city, a fertile field overflowing with inexhaustible vigor and hopes, a newly established institution of higher education --- College of Optical and Electronical Information Changchun University of Science and Technology is constantly writing its legend.
                It is more than ten years since the establishment of College of Optical and Electronical Information Changchun University of Science and Technology. Ten years is only a brief moment in the long history of mankind development, but for the staff of the College, these ten years is a period to work hard, explore and continue to grow. After undergoing a decade, years of stormy course and hard work, the college has ten thousand people today. Here I would like to sincerely thank everyone that concerns about the growth of the college. Due to your understanding and trust, care and support, the college can enjoy steady and smooth development. We, staff of the College of Optical and Electronical Information, will not lose great trust in enterprising and innovating of private education and make it our mission to rejuvenate the nation with science and education in order to make great contribution to the cause of education .
                For a long distance is composed of small steps and a big sea is made up of water drops, we will adhere to the campus culture spirit of “morality, integrity, self-improvement and excellence” to work hard in a down-to-earth way. We will persist in the connotative development to improve education quality and highlight the school-running characteristics, so as to vigorously cultivate applied talents with spirits of humanism, innovation and hardworking and to build the college into a well-known private undergraduate school in line with international standards.
              Form Mr.Wang Sidi